Memorial Drive Tennis Club Service Award



The MDTC Service Award (previously Hemmings Trophy) is an award presented to an MDTC member who has performed outstanding service and contributed to the better functioning and achievements of the Club.


Trophy Winners

2006 -Trevor Hamlyn

2007 – Dennis Heaton

2008 – Sally Yuncken

2009 – Dean Cannon

2010 – Clive/Trish Turner

2011 – Anne Simpson

2012 – Eric Siebert

2013 – Ann Gorey

2014 – Brenton Schnell

2015 – Henry Young

2016 to 2020 – Not presented

2021 – Judy Hare



  • The contribution may be in any area of club activities, but the award shall not be made in recognition of a member’s personal achievements in competitions and tournaments.
  • The award can recognise a single action or a sustained effort over a number of years and need not have occurred in the year the award is presented.
  • The nominee must have been a member of MDTC at the time of the action/s being recognised.
  • Any MDTC member is eligible to be nominated.
  • The award can be awarded to the same club member more than once.
  • A nominated committee person to administer the award process.

MDTC Service Award Nomination Form

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