William Dudley Hemmings



William Dudley Hemmings (better known as Dudley) was born on 23 December 1917 and passed away peacefully in Warrnambool, Victoria on 19 April 2017. Dudley was married to Coralie, had three children, nine grand and several great grandchildren. Dudley enlisted in November 1941 and completed navigational training in Australia and Canada and after arriving in the United Kingdom, he served with the 140 Wing, 464 Squadron (Sqn) RAAF, 107 Sqn RAF. He returned to Australia in February 1945 and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in Hobart by the Governor of Tasmania.

Dudley was an active social playing member of MDTC and on retiring from tennis and the passing of Coralie he moved to Warrnambool to live. Dudley was a highly respected member of MDTC and is still fondly remembered. It is believed he was also an accredited tennis umpire.

Dudley donated the trophy in 2006 with the 1st winner receiving it in the same year. The list of trophy winners is recorded below.

Trophy Winners.

2006 -Trevor Hamlyn

2007 – Dennis Heaton

2008 – Sally Yuncken

2009 – Dean Cannon

2010 – Clive/Trish Turner

2011 – Anne Simpson

2012 – Eric Siebert

2013 – Ann Gorey

2014 – Brenton Schnell

2015 – Henry Young

2016 to 2020 – Not presented

2021 – Judy Hare


Trophy Criteria


  • The member has significantly contributed to the better functioning and achievements of the Club.
  • The contribution may be in any area of club activities, but the trophy shall not be made in recognition of a member’s personal achievements in competitions, tournaments etc.
  • The trophy can recognise a single action or a sustained effort over several years.
  • The action(s) need not have occurred in the year in which the trophy is made.
  • The trophy nominee must have been a member of MDTC at the time of the action/s being recognised.
  • Management Committee members are not eligible to receive the trophy in respect of duties performed in their committee role but are otherwise eligible.
  • No member shall receive the trophy more than once.

Nominations close on the 1st of August, 2022

Dudley Hemmings Trophy Nomination Form